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Spray Tan Prep

  1. Discontinue use of any retinol or Dove products 1 week before appointment. 

  2. Shower 4-24 hours before appointment. Spray safe body wash is highly recommended to be purchased at the appointment for best spray results. 

  3. Shave 4-24 hours before appointment. Avoid shaving cream or lotioned razors.

  4. Exfoliate body and face 4-24 hours before appointment with The Glow Dr exfoliation mitt. Loofahs and scrubs are not strong enough for pre-tan exfoliation. Complete exfoliation AFTER shaving. 

  5. Ensure you have NO products on for appointment (moisturizer, lotion, deodorant, makeup, perfume, etc). Spray safe lotion is highly recommended to be purchased at the appointment for longest lasting spray results. 

  6. Have loose, dark clothing on hand for after appointment. 

  7. Invite your friends! We offer discounted rates for parties of 3 or more. Follow @theglowdr__ on instagram for more tan tips.

SUMMER NOTICE: We strongly discourage spraying over a sunburn as the tan results can not be guaranteed when the skin has been burned. 

Post Tan Care

  1. Wear loose, dark, LONG SLEEVE clothing until first rinse - avoiding leggings, tennis shoes, and bras. Sleep in loose long sleeves for first night after appointment.

  2. Rinse off after recommended hours in lukewarm water. Do not use any soap for initial rinse. Color showing in water is normal. Face moisturizer may be applied to face after first rinse if desired. 

  3. Always pat dry with towel - never rub. Avoid loofahs, washcloths, & shaving cream for life of tan. Use The Glow Dr spray safe body wash for the life of the tan to ensure even fading.

  4. Apply The Glow Dr spray safe lotion 24 hours after appointment and then 2x per day for remainder of tan life. 

  5. Avoid anything that may strip the tan: retinol, exfoliating acids, scrubs, aerosol sunscreen, shaving cream, heavy oils, Dove products. The Glow Dr spray safe body wash is highly recommended for the life of the tan for best results. 

  6. Please support! Tell your friends ($5 off for every referral), tag @theglowdr__ on Instagram, or leave a 5 star Google review!

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